CSC e-Governance Services India Limited has taken up initiative of overall maintenance and upkeep of BharatNet infrastructure and several equipments’ to support the last mile Internet service delivery which utilizes BharatNet infrastructure. The purpose of this initiative is to carry on the business of establishment, management and operation of BharatNet which has been envisaged by the Government of India to provide high speed broadband connectivity to all gram panchayats. All the state government agencies/departments in the villages will receive Internet connectivity, thereby improving their services to citizens. Through uninterrupted connectivity, the project will also aid access and adoption of digital financial systems among the citizens and merchants to meet the Government’s vision of a cashless society. With improved access to e-learning, skill development and healthcare, the villages will usher in equitable growth and development.

Under the project, team is in maintenance of OFC routes 24*7 for routine OFC maintenance and breakdown OFC maintenance. Breakdown OFC maintenance includes 24*7 mobilization of equipment and skilled manpower for fault identification and rectification. Along with team adopts various roles as:

  1. Identification of hardware and systems effectively
  2. Proper maintenance of Internet services
  3. Patrolling activities to do the surveillance in various fiber stretches, and liaison with the local governmental bodies, public works department, local civil contractors, and assign the safe guarding team to avoid the probable fiber cut in the areas where infra activities are taking place.
  4. Preventive and corrective maintenance is carried out as defined by the service level agreement
  5. Any defect in the fiber or in any of the associated equipment is attended in consultation with the customer at site
  6. Test link attributes like the splice loss/link loss after the rectification of fault are corrected
  7. Deployment of O&M teams to carry out splicing and termination of optical fiber cable as and when the fault reported

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